Thursday, October 06, 2022

Curing Financial Headaches




Buying Gold

Get the cash you need today instantly at Doctor Cash Coin & Pawn. We will buy or loan you cash for Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry, watches, and coins. Broken jewelry, tangled necklaces, and unmatched earrings are no problem. There is no need to clean or polish, bring it in any condition.

  Many jewelry items may have a resale value far exceeding the scrap gold price and that allows us to pay you more for such items. Unlike “We Buy Gold” shops  who buy everything as scrap we have a showroom where we sell reconditioned quality jewelry at discounted prices.

  If you do not wish to permanently part with your treasured jewelry we offer quick and convenient cash loans without a credit check.



Why Should You Inventory Your Personal Property?

In the event of a burglary, fire, or other disaster you will have a record of  brands, model numbers, and serial numbers; as well as photos of jewelry and collectible items that do not have identifying markings. This would prove to be invaluable information to hand over to the local Law Enforcement Agency and the Insurance Company, should your home be burglarized and items such as TV's, Laptops, Tools, or Jewelry are taken.

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